Quickstep in $75 m Hercules component deal

Composites maker Quickstep has announced that it will deliver 120 carbon fibre wing-flap sets to Lockheed Martin through to 2018.

The Bankstown Airport-based Quickstep told the ASX this morning that a memorandum of agreement had been signed with Lockheed to provide approximately 24 wing-flap sets a year, starting January 2014. These will be delivered for use in the C-130 Super Hercules military transport aircraft.

Quickstep had been selected as the sole supplier of wing flaps for the Super Hercules.

"We are on track to deliver the first completed assemblies in the next few weeks," Quickstep chairman Phillipe Odouard said in a statement.

"The value of activities under the agreement, which includes previous purchase orders announced by Quickstep, is $US75 million.”

Quickstep is also a supplier to Northrop Grumman for the F-35 Lightning Joint Strike Fighter program, and received a $1 million federal government grant earlier this month to upgrade its facility tomake tail spars for the JSF.

Image: http://www.topnews.in/

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