Queensland government funds Townsville manufacturing technologies


The Queensland government will invest over $840,000 in three north Queensland manufacturers, enabling them to adopt new technology and processes, support growth in the region and create jobs. 

This funding comes under the Manufacturing Hubs Grant Program, an important element of the Queensland government’s COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan. 

Engineering Industries Australia (EIA) are one of the companies to share in the recent funding, according to minister for Regional Development and Manufacturing Glenn Butcher. 

“A first-class manufacturer in rail, construction, mining, maintenance and infrastructure, EIA received $347,475 to install a modified Xpert Pro 250/3100 computer-controlled metal press and Artec Leo 3D Scanner,” Butcher said. 

“This allows heavy metals to be efficiently fabricated here in regional Queensland, coupled with 3D scanning equipment it provides automation and will create three new local jobs. 

“It is exciting to see the practical application of the Manufacturing Hubs Grant Program being accessed by businesses such as EIA to invest in technologies and strengthen their domestic and global competitiveness,” he said. 

EIA were provided with the opportunity to obtain new equipment to help the company grow, as well as meet current manufacturing demand by providing products not previously manufactured in the region, EIA co-director Jason Rowe said. 

“With this growth we will be able to employ additional staff, as well as provide current employees with the tools and training to be on the front line of technology in manufacturing,” Rowe said. 

The funding will also support Townsville’s TEi Services and Ingham Manufacturers – trading as Moduline. 

TEi Services was awarded $447,000 to purchase and implement a robotic welding solution to manufacture equipment for the mining industry. 

Operating in Townsville since 1968, TEi Services provides engineering services to multiple sectors including construction, sugar and mining, as well as manufacturing steel products. 

“One of the company’s key manufactured products is the steel trommel, a rotary sieve used to separate materials, mainly in the mineral and solid-waste processing industries,” Butcher said. 

“TEi Services’ new robotic equipment includes state-of-the-art artificial intelligence software programming to meet growing demand. TEi Services is a great example of a company that’s equipping itself with the best technology on its journey towards becoming a smart factory.  

“And in true Queensland spirit, TEi Services is purchasing the equipment from SSS Manufacturing on the Gold Coast, so we’re seeing one grant help two manufacturers,” he said. 

The new robotic equipment will reduce the time it takes to manufacture steel trommels from around 10 days down to just 12 hours, according to TEi Services general manager Richard Parker. 

“I want to thank the Queensland government for this funding, which will make TEi Services a more competitive business. We’re excited to be use world-leading technology and proud to export Townsville-made steel products all around the globe,” Parker said. 

Kitchen and cabinet designer and manufacturer Moduline will receive $49,256 to develop a national flatpack channel and Industry 4.0 web application. This will improve their ability to service domestic and international customers, via an enhanced digital design and manufacturing service. 

“Moduline has showrooms in Townsville, Cairns and Brisbane and is developing a national and global online channel for flatpack design and manufacturing to take their products to the world,” Butcher said. 

As a modern competitive Australian manufacturer, Moduline has significant capacity to service Australians with locally manufactured, high-quality and price-competitive flatpack product nationwide, according to Moduline general manager Stephen Tetley. 

“This grant is a key enabler in allowing us to digitally access this marketplace with an innovative market disruption model and directly compete against big brand imports from overseas markets,” Tetley said. 

The Manufacturing Hubs Grant Program was established to help strengthen Queensland’s advanced manufacturing capability, processes and technologies. 

To find out more, visit www.rdmw.qld.gov.au.

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