Quantum expert appointed to CSIRO’s Future Science Platform

Future Science Platform

The CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, has appointed Dr Jim Rabeau as director of its new Quantum Technologies Future Science Platform. 

The former professor and Sydney Nano Institute for Industry, Innovation and Commercialisation deputy director will commence at CSIRO on 6 September. 

Rabeau sees opportunities to leverage the breadth and depth of CSIRO’s multidisciplinary capability to grow Australia’s quantum technology expertise. 

“The Quantum Technologies Future Science Platform aims to build a quantum technology ecosystem across CSIRO and the broader quantum community,” he said. 

“I’m excited about CSIRO’s entrepreneurial spirit and vision and see great opportunity to amplify quantum technology, and continue to establish innovative opportunities for Australian industry.” 

Australia’s chief scientist Dr Cathy Foley, who last year led the development of a Quantum Technology Roadmap for Australia as CSIRO’s chief scientist, welcomed the news of Rabeau’s appointment. 

“Jim is a global leader in quantum technology and knows how to link up research outputs and their application,” Foley said. 

“I am confident that with Jim at the helm of the newly established Quantum Technologies Future Science Platform, CSIRO’s quantum research will be in good hands. I look forward to seeing what is delivered.” 

The new Quantum Technologies Future Science Platform will develop quantum technologies for a range of applications that align with the Modern Manufacturing Priorities. It will also be relevant for agricultural and environmental applications.  

The initial areas of focus for CSIRO are accelerated drug development, enhanced climate modelling, mineral exploration, materials discovery and sensing and measurement for defence and space. 

Rabeau brings a wealth of commercialisation and collaboration experience and is excited about furthering his passion for quantum at CSIRO, while driving Australia’s sovereign capability for quantum technologies. 

Rabeau was a past participant of CSIRO’s ON Accelerator program and was a key collaborator on the development of the recent Quantum Technology Roadmap. 

He has previously worked at Microsoft and Deloitte and is currently the co-founder and CEO of LuciGem, a quantum technology company that focuses on the use of diamond in quantum and information security applications. 

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