QME 2014 Preview: Vacuum toilet systems

First-time exhibitors to the Queensland Mining & Engineering (QME) Exhibition, Vacuum Toilets Australia, have announced their plans to display the award-winning JETS Vacuum Toilet System, offering mining camps and sites a more efficient, productive and cost-effective human waste management solution. 

The JETS Vacuum Toilet System is a waste management solution that offers the mining industry a more efficient and cost-effective way of handling human waste by reducing water usage and improving the installation process.

Recently awarded the 2013 Smart WaterMark Commercial Product of the Year Award, the JETS Vacuum Toilet System utilises only 0.8 litres per flush, with a daily water usage of 4,800L per 1000 people compared to 27,000L required by conventional gravity toilet systems. 

This means water usage is reduced by up to 90%, which reduces odours, aerosols and infectious bacteria. The advantages provided by this human waste solution include:

  • Zero below ground installation requirements.
  • Offers portability and is easily movable from location to location.
  • Units can be added or removed at discretion with no earthwork required.
  • 4.8L of water required daily for each user instead of the 27L used in gravity systems.  

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