QLD Govt delivers Affordable Energy Plan for businesses including manufacturing

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The Queensland Government will use the benefits of public ownership to cut $125 a year from household bills and $120 off small business bills as part of a $2 billion Affordable Energy Plan.

Energy Minister Mark Bailey said the state gorvenment would also ensure power bills for regional homes and small business are kept below average inflation over the next two years shielding Queenslanders from the broken national energy market.

Bailey said customers in regional Queensland could go to the Ergon website from today to register their interest in a new initiative- Ergon’s “Easy Pay Reward” to help businesses and households save on their electricity bills.

“Because we own our electricity assets, we are able to re-invest dividends to provide relief for regional Queenslanders,” Bailey said.

“That’s why we can offer further rebates for businesses and families.”


Besides initiatives for personal homeowners, other new initiatives announced yesterday that regional Queenslanders can access include:

  • 200 additional energy audits for agricultural customers through an expanded Energy Savers Plus program in partnership with the Queensland Farmers’ Federation, with the government providing a 50% co-contribution (up to $20,000) to implement audit recommendations. ($10 million)
  • Support for Queensland jobs and industry by providing energy audits for large customers including manufacturers, with a 50% co-contribution to implement recommendations (up to $250,000 per customer). This is expected to deliver savings of 10% to 40% for large industrial customers. ($10 million)

“These initiatives means that as a start, regional households can save $125 off their annual bill, and can save more if they opt in to other savings measures, including purchasing energy efficient appliances”, Bailey said.

“It’s also good for small business, and will assist productivity in the agricultural sector and larger industries including manufacturing”.

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