Pyne: Australian defence manufacturers too ‘modest’ to export

Defence Minister Christopher Pyne

Australia’s defence minister Christopher Pyne said that the country’s defence manufacturers need to think global and get out of their “modesty mindset” in order to stay competitive, according to Sky News.

The defence minister has announced a new focus on more actively pursuing defence manufacturing export opportunities and spruiking Australia’s high tech capabilities to the world in 2017.

The minister told the Australian Defence Magazine conference reception last Monday that Australian companies should no longer hide its abilities.

 “For far too long we have hidden our light under a bushel,” Pyne said. 

“(We) thought the Italians do it better, the French do it better, the Germans sell their wares, the British are quite ruthless and the United States are out there. We believe we do make some of the best equipment and platforms in the world today and we want to sell them.”

Pyne also said that Australia could compete with the world’s best when it comes to building frigates, the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program and carrying out essential maintenance on defence assets. 

According to a global ranking by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, from 2011-2015 Australia came in 20th for defence exports and fifth for imports. 

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