Purple Line opens camper assembly plant in Melbourne

Caravan accessory manufacturer Purple Line yesterday opened its OPUS Camper Assembly Plant in Braeside in Melbourne’s south-west.

The official opening was attended by Robert Lucas, CEO of the Caravan Industry Association of Victoria (CIA Vic); Jonathan Harrison, founder and owner of Purple Line; and Malcolm Hill, director of Purple Line Australia.

“CIA Vic is committed to Victoria’s role as the nation’s heartland of caravan manufacturing, and it is good to have yet another manufacturer established here,” Lucas said.

“Purple Line exemplifies our industry’s growing nature, with its Australian and overseas design teams developing innovative products such as OPUS Camper for the Australian market.

“It is part of a thriving Victorian caravan industry which is taking up where the car industry is leaving off, maintaining a technological skills base and a strong manufacturing presence.” 

Harrison said Purple Line Australia had received encouragement, technical advice, as well as marketing support from CIA Vic. He thanked the organisation for this help.

“I know CIA Vic has exciting new skills development programs coming soon, and I am sure we are just one of many manufacturers who will benefit from them,” said Harrison.

Image: Opus

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