Proudly Made in Australia

 MANUFACTURING in Australia is getting tougher and tougher. The challenge here is to continually improve, to stay on top of the game and to always provide our customers with a quality product that is backed with superior customer support.

Being committed to manufacturing in Australia allows quality and reliable products to be made while keeping jobs in Australia and helping the economy.

To compete, Australian manufacturers need to provide the best service, advice and assistance to meet the needs of their customers. A national service centre is one way of addressing enquiries and centralising the service scheduling, technical support, sales, customer satisfaction, parts and engineering enquiries of a company and deliver the necessary value-add many customers are looking for. 

In addition to customer service, quality assurance certification is a prerequisite for remaining a step ahead of overseas imports. Customers should look for certificates of excellence provided by a third-party certifier, meaning the manufacturer not only meets required quality standards, but that these standards are also applied to improve all aspects of the business. 

The severe environmental conditions experienced in Australia present significant challenges for manufacturers using technology in their plants. Dust, humidity and extreme temperatures are commonplace, and operators are often faced with the added difficulty of working in remote areas. Having systems manufactured locally gives customers the unique opportunity to meet the design engineers face-to-face to discuss their particular application. By manufacturing in Australia, suppliers are able to completely custom-make systems to meet the exact specifications of a customer.

Sullair Australia—Australia’s largest manufacturer of rotary screw air compressors—manufactures its entire industrial range at its production facility in Melbourne. By meeting all of the strict criteria for the Australian Made campaign, Sullair Australia can ensure its product offerings evolve with the changing compressed-air needs of industry and also meet the challenges posed by the harsh climatic conditions of the country.

Many successful supply relationships can be established through manufacturing locally, too. As the exclusive servicing distributor for Sullair Australia in the Albury-Wodonga area, Remtron Automation enjoys a productive partnership with the company. “When looking for a partner in the compressor industry, having Australian-made products with a local service point was an important factor in choosing Sullair Australia’s Champion and Sullair branded compressors,” said Daniel Castley, Sales Engineer at Remtron Automation.

Manufacturing environments are rapidly changing due to global competition and changing customer requirements. In today’s competitive manufacturing industry, Australian manufacturers are committed to providing local customers with quality-built, reliable products.

Before you sign a supply contract, think about the benefits of supporting Australian-made. Manufacturing in Australia benefits all Australians by providing employment and a range of flow-on effects that stimulate the Australian economy. Support the industry that supports you.

Image: Sullair Australia’s manufacturing facility in Victoria, Australia.

[Clency Mahon is executive manager operations, Sullair Australia.]


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