Prosecutor compares Italian drug trade dollar value with car maker’s revenue

Italy’s anti-mafia prosecutor has compared profits by the Calabrian mafia selling illegal drugs with revenues generated by Fiat-Chrysler’s value chain within the country.

Reuters reports that prosecutors compared the country’s main vehicle manufacturer’s turnover in the country with the value of the narcotics trade, worth 32 billion euros (about $47.62 billion).

It stipulated that it was talking about Fiat in Italy, rather than Fiat-Chrysler globally.

Citing a report by the United Nations Office on Narcotics and Crime, the prosecutor reportedly told a press conference the country’s number one cocaine trafficker’s margins were also ten times higher “than any industrial manufacturer.”

"It's as if the main national carmaker together with its suppliers, service providers and dealerships paid all their salaries and suppliers, and produced everything completely off the books and without any regulation, and then sold and reinvested everything without paying any taxes," the UN report reads.