Projects grants towards industry-led collaborations now open

Australian manufacturers can apply for government grants.

Businesses researching and developing new technologies, products and services are able to apply for grants through the Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Projects fund.

Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Karen Andrews, recently opened the 7th CRC grants selection round.

This round includes $20 million in funding to support industry-led collaborations developing important technological projects that deliver tangible outcomes.

This selection round is specifically focused on projects related to critical minerals, such as lithium, cobalt and titanium.

Critical minerals are those that could cause economic or strategic issues if affected by supply disruptions.

Australian businesses can receive short term (up to three years) matched funding of up to $3m for eligible project costs through the CRC Projects Grants.

Eligible project costs include everything from research and proof of concept activities, through to conferences, education and training, and pre-commercialisation of research outcomes.

Andrews said the program is key in ensuring our industries continue to expand and create new jobs for Australians.

“CRC-P funded research has supported the commercialisation of technologies, products and services that assist businesses across agriculture, clean technology, infrastructure, IT, artificial intelligence, mining, manufacturing, aerospace and health,” said Andrews.

“Prioritising applications for critical minerals is crucial, as they form a major part of commercial technologies like mobile phone chips and electric vehicles.”

Applications must be submitted via the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science online portal by March 28, 2019.