Production begins on popular Flow Hive crowdfunded Australian invention [VIDEO]

Production of the hugely successful crowdfunded Flow Hive invention, which delivers honey on tap, began yesterday.

Cedar Anderson, who developed the invention over a decade with his father Stu, told ABC Brisbane that about 25 were employed around the clock to meet demand for the beehive.

The Flow Hive has received worldwide news coverage, with outlets including Wired, Forbes and Fox covering the popular campaign to launch the product.

The Andersons set a goal to raise $70,000 on crowd-funding platform Pledges have totalled over $US 12 million for the campaign, launched in February. It raised over $4 million in under two weeks, Fairfax reports.

“There was a lot of people that told me that crowdfunding wouldn’t work for this invention; a lot of experts in the field” Cedar Anderson told the ABC this morning.

“And I’m very happy to say I didn’t listen."

The product is being made and shipped from Australia, with some of the manufacturing (of hive boxes) carried out in the US. Most of the demand for the product has come from overseas.

The automatic beehive uses an artificial honeycomb which is separated within the hive, with honey being dispensed from a tube. The bees are not disturbed, according to advertisements.

Evolve Group of Brisbane has been assisting with manufacture of the hives, said Anderson.



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