Prime Minister commits $35.6 million for manufacturing jobs

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced that Labor will spend $35.6 million to retrain manufacturing workers under a Manufacturing Skills Plus program.

AAP reports that the money would help around 7000 new and existing manufacturing workers.

The announcement follows the weekend announcement of a $35 million youth employment program, Step into Skills. Today’s announcement builds on that funding.

Echoing a statement that he first made in his first press conference as Labor leader in 2006, Rudd told reporters today, "I never want to be the prime minster of a country that doesn't make things any more."

"We believe what we need for the future of our manufacturing is to move up the value-added chain into high skill, high tech sectors."

He added that the government is aiming to "…. help companies move from low skills, low technology manufacturing to high skill, high tech sectors where we will find the jobs of the future."