PPE warehouse expansion for Townsville

The Queensland state government will expand Townsville PPE warehouse to store a reserve of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and critical health supplies for the state, as part of its new critical supply strategy that has been recently announced.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Health and Minister for Ambulance Services Steven Miles said the implementation of the Queensland Government Critical Supply Reserve (QGCSR) Strategy would protect against future supply chain disruption by addressing key learnings from systemic global market failure seen at the peak of the pandemic.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has placed pressure on PPE stocks across the world,” Miles said.

“Queensland was prepared, and we have managed well so far but we want to make sure that no matter the situation, our health workforce has the protection they need.

“Our doctors, nurses, emergency workers and other frontline staff deserve to have access to the necessary supplies and equipment to keep them safe and ensure they can care for the community.”

“This expansion in Townsville will double the size of the current location, to house vital supplies including masks, gowns and gloves.”

Member for Townsville Scott Stewart said the new warehouse will mean better access to critical supplies for North Queensland and surrounding regions.

“This is about protecting our healthcare workers,” Stewart said.

“Having critical supplies readily available to protect our healthcare workers and frontline services is vital to ensure they can care for our community while keeping safe themselves.

“We are investing in North Queensland to ensure critical supplies are available when and where they are needed, meaning faster deliver times with stock dispersed across the state.”

Member for Thuringowa Aaron Harper said the strategy is part of the Palaszczuk Government’s plan for economic recovery in the state.

“Procurement for the QGCSR will include a commitment of up to 25 per cent of locally manufactured PPE, creating job opportunities for Queenslanders, here in Townsville,” Harper said.

“This strategy will also enable the delivery of vital infrastructure, strengthen Queensland’s industries and enable future growth, which are key foundations of our Unite and Recover plan for Queensland jobs.

“While this strategy will be critical to our ongoing success in fighting COVID-19, it will serve Queensland and our frontline staff well into the future.”

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