Polymer energy chains and cables

Treotham supplies a range of igus energy chains that are kind on the wallet and the environment. In many industries there is a huge demand for roller energy chains for high fill weights and speeds  that can travel long distances, whilst operating quietly at the same time. Igus fulfils these requirements with the P4 system.

The low maintenance P4 system, originally developed for high-speed container cranes, can travel very long distances up to 800m and carry high additional loads of up to 30kg/m. They are used for high speeds of up to 10m/s and the autoglide crossbars ensure safe guidance on very long travel distances. The energy chains offer a long service life and are abrasion resistant.

They are suitable for indoor and outdoor crane technology, automated storage and retrieval systems, plant construction, portal robots, materials handling technology, mining and steel works.

The smaller sizes P4.32 and P4.42 in particular are suitable for green machining processes and storage systems. Compared to sliding friction, rolling friction comes out 75% less, which means they use up to 57% less drive power. Plant and machinery manufacturers have great benefits on loading gantries for automated production processes from 3m/s, and especially from 3.5m/s. On travel distances of 40m-50m, the electricity and operating costs are significantly reduced and higher speeds and accelerations are enabled without increasing the noise level.

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