Pipe manufacturer installs calibration technology at plant

Injection molding machine manufacturer Krauss Maffei Extrusion has installed complete pipe extrusion production lines for a large Belgian and German pipe manufacturer. The installation includes the company’s QuickSwitch calibration technology.

Based in Munich, Germany, Krauss Maffei produces various types of equipment as well as railroad locomotives, tanks, self-propelled artillery and other armoured vehicles.

The installation involved two complete pipe lines being installed in the Belgian plants that will manufacture pipe with diameter ranges 25–63mm and 70–160mm.

Core components of the systems were the 36D single-screw extruder, spiral distributor pipehead and the QuickSwitch calibration technology.

The line currently being installed in the German plant will manufacture pipe in the 160-250mm diameter range. This line also features the Internal Pipe Cooling (IPC) system which will enable the producer to step up output without the cost of a longer cooling zone.

The QuickSwitch system increases the production flexibility as it can change pipe dimensions (diameter and wall section) along the entire production line within minutes at the touch of a button. The only waste material resulting from the dimension change is a short piece of tapering pipe.

The labour and material intensive work processes involved in a conventional pipe dimension change are completely eliminated.

QuickSwitch systems are available for producing polyolefin pipe in diameter ranges 25-63mm, 70-160mm and 160-250mm and for PVC pipe 75-160mm diameters.

Krauss Maffei is represented in Oceania by HBM Plastics Technologies.