Photoelectric contrast sensor for printing and packaging industries

The KT#-4155-407 photoelectric contrast sensor is fast, ensures reliable detection even with varying target distances, and offers exceptionally high contrast resolution. It reliably detects markings and accurately differentiates between very close levels of contrast or shades of color.

Thanks to the integrated IO-Link interface, remote sensor teach-in and parameter setting can be performed quickly and easily. This ensures speedy format changes.

The new sensor is suitable for all industrial applications where accurate detection of markings is required. This applies in particular to the packaging and printing industries. The KT#-4155-407 has a teach-in function and five switching tolerance levels. During the teach-in process, intensity levels of background and marking are captured and a detection threshold is set between them.

Five tolerance levels allow the user to set a detection threshold either close or very close to the intensity of the marking, or in the middle, or close or very close to the background intensity. Simple teaching takes place either directly on the sensor, or via IO-Link, or via external teach-in. LED indicators facilitate the teach-in process.

Three LEDs automatically emit red, green or blue light, reliably ensuring differentiation even between close levels of contrast. The light spot is very small, measuring just 1.5 mm x 3.5 mm. This allows even the smallest markings to be detected.

The new contrast sensor is available either with a connector (KTS-4155-407) or cable (KTK-4155-407) and, due to its push-pull output, operates simultaneously as a PNP or NPN sensor. The connector is adjustable through 0°, 45° and 90°. The space-saving dimensions (40 x 50 x 15 mm) and rugged cubic housing of this small sensor make it suitable for integration anywhere.