Perth manufacturer caught cheating 457 visas

A manufacturer based in Perth is one of three firms the Federal Government claims it has caught trying to rort the 457 visa system.

Fairfax Media reports the Immigration Office said a Perth business had been caught importing workers on a salary of $92,000, high enough so that they did not have to prove they met English language requirements.

According to the Government, once the workers were brought to Australia they were employed with a different company on a lower salary, and there was “no capacity for the department to reassess whether the visa holders met the English language requirement or were exempt”.

The Federal Government recently flagged making changes to the 457 process in order to prevent employers cheating the system.

Industry groups have reacted cautiously to the move, and say attempts to tighten regulation may threaten the viability of some businesses and projects.

The Australian Mines and Metals Association previously called for a “cautious approach” to 457 reforms, and claimed examples of companies cheating the system were isolated and rare.

Earlier this week news emerged an unknown union had filed a 457 complaint against four Filipino steel workers, and if the application is successful the claim could see the workers deported.