Pental hoping Chinese dairy demand extends to goat’s milk soap


Laundry products maker Pental has said it hopes to capitalise on the Chinese demand for Australian dairy products after recently delivering its first shipment of goat’s milk soap.

The Australian reports that CEO Charlie McLeish said the Country Life soap should benefit from China’s appetite for dairy. The company announced a full-year net profit increase of 10.6 per cent to $5.6 million this week.

Pental makes products including Country Life soaps and White King bleach.

Fairfax Media reported in March that the 20-year old soap product had been reformulated and repackaged. Pental has also secured online sales in China (including through and distribution in two major supermarket chains.

“We have to make sure we live up to the reputation the dairy industry has created for other manufacturers in the Chinese market,” McLeish told Fairfax at the time.

It expects to sell on 6 million bars of soap to Asian customers in the first year.


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