Patented new water based washing system for safer parts cleaning

NCH Australia announces the launch of a new water-based parts washing
system from Mantek Australia designed for safer parts cleaning with low impact
on water resources and the environment.

Torrent 400 from Mantek Australia, a leading provider of industrial and
commercial maintenance products, is a patented high pressure parts washing
system that eliminates all the problems associated with traditional parts
washers. Unlike traditional systems, the Torrent 400 combines heat, chemistry
and high pressure to clean machine parts of greases and oils. The fully
integrated and enclosed design protects employees from direct contact with the
cleaning solution, unlike traditional parts washers that are known to expose
users to harmful hydrocarbons, noxious fumes, and fire hazards.

Torrent 400 water-based parts cleaners help employers increase workplace
safety, reduce medical claims, and avoid the financial and environmental
burdens of using and disposing of solvents.

A Torrent 400 parts washing system in use at a mine in NSW allows safer
cleaning of parts during engine disassembly, with less effort, and without
residues. The reduced cleaning effort is helping to free up more time for
production at the mine. Another workshop was able to reduce workplace injuries using
the Torrent 400.

The Torrent 400 parts washing system improves efficiency, maintains
workplace safety, and reduces environmental impact. In addition to mines and
manufacturers, the Torrent 400 can also benefit automotive service centres as
well as marine, construction and transportation industries.

NCH is a global leader in industrial and
commercial maintenance solutions since 1919, serving the needs of companies in
over 60 countries with innovative products ranging from advanced drain and HVAC
maintenance to speciality lubrication, industrial and parts cleaning and water

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