Parts shortage pushes Honda to close Brazil factory

Fears of a possible parts shortage resulting from Japan’s earthquake and tsunami has forced Japanese car manufacturer Honda to close one of its plant in Brazil earlier than scheduled.

The company announced on Tuesday that the Brazilian factory in Sumare, outside Sao Paulo will push forward its normal two week winter close period in July to the end of May and beginning of June ahead of the factory’s closure.

"Due to natural disasters and their impact experienced by suppliers of Honda Motor Co., there could be a shortage of auto assembly parts starting in May,” the company said in a statement.

The Sumare plant currently produces 650 vehicles a day. The Honda plant in Manaus in Brazil’s Amazon basin will not be affected, the statement reads.

Honda has announced similar breaks in its North American, Philippine, and British plants due to parts shortages following the March 11 quake and tsunami.

In other news, Honda Australia recently recalled over 45,000 Accord Euro cars due to a manufacturing error that could see the car catch on fire.

The March recall is the third Honda Australia has been forced to put into effect this year.

The company also recalled 816 Hybrid Sedans due to a faulty DC converter installed in the car in March.

In February, the car-maker recalled 11,000 Honda City models in Australia and 700,000 globally.

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