Partnership to make IoT devices in Adelaide

A new device to securely transmit data from anywhere in the world is being developed in partnership between Myriota and Motherson.

Motherson, a full systems solutions manufacturer with ties to the automotive industry, will work with Myriota to bring the product to market. Myriota will contribute its know-how in the field of low-cost and long battery life global connectivity to the project.

To date, over 10,000 modules have already been created, and the project hopes to enable IoT technology, no matter the location.

Manufacturing is undertaken in Motherson’s South Australian facility, highlighted David Haley, Myriota co-founder and CTO.

“Our partnership demonstrates that manufacturing capabilities in South Australia – which once primarily served the automotive industry – have diversified into new sectors, including Australia’s growing space sector.”

The location of the manufacturing was also the focus of Sam Vial, Motherson business development director for Asia Pacific.

“We’re thrilled to become Myriota’s manufacturing partner and expand our operations to include the space and IoT sectors.  This partnership will help to sustain jobs in our South Australian facility, with products being both designed and manufactured locally.”

Applications for the technology are already being explored in the mining sector, with local data company Zepiro being one of the first customers. COO of Zepiro, Damien Cox, sees a potential for the technology across a range of industries.

“The Myriota Module provides a great market opportunity for our business in industries like mining and agriculture where long-endurance remote resource monitoring is vital,” he said. “The low-cost and robust nature of this technology allows us to economically retrieve critical telemetry from difficult to access locations.”

The module is part of a growing wave of edge computing devices, which can enable fast connectivity even in dispersed locations. The module integrates with a range of sensors and third part devices, which communicate via Myriota’s satellite network.

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