Paper factory spilled 30,000 litres of waste into Latrobe River, says EPA

Australian Paper’s Maryvale Mill in Gippsland spilled 30,000 litres of waste into the Latrobe River on June 28, EPA Victoria says.

Interim results from testing of the river showed that there has been no detectable environmental impact on the river.

EPA will communicate the final results to the community as soon as they are available, which is anticipated to be within the next two weeks.

EPA’s investigation has now turned to whether the trade waste spill has breached any of Australian Paper’s licence conditions or caused any environmental harm to a local billabong system where the majority of the liquid from the spill was contained.

Australian Paper's national marketing manager, Craig Dunn told the ABC that the spill was caused by a failure in the pipe that carried the trade waste.

Dunn said he thought the flow of waste continued for about two hours before it was brought under control.

"We'll certainly continue to monitor the condition of that particular pipe to ensure we don't have any other failures occurring in future but the main thing we will be doing is working really closely with the EPA in this situation and taking on board any recommendations that come as a result of the investigation," he added.

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