A new palletiser from SMI will compete on performance and price with existing robot hybrids and sweep-arm systems.

A new palletiser from SMI is said to be the most affordable, yet sophisticated system available. The systems, dedicated solely to palletising, are built on a column to achieve high throughputs on a small footprint. They are expected to cost 30 to 40% less than robot hydrids or traditional sweep arm palletisers.
    ‘Too often we see wheezing monstrosities at the end of the packing line often backed up by  gangs of part-time staff,Õ said SMI manager Steve Warren, announcing the launch of the APS range.  ÔBut now almost anyone packing high-volume goods can afford automated pallet loading. The new SMI palletisers use computer power to control the simplest possible mechanicals, so they will prove as reliable as our legendary shrink and carton systems, many of which are still going strong after 20 years. Installation can usually be done in a day – we stand up the column and it’s just about ready to go.Õ
    APS palletisers handle a wide variety of product including cartons, shrink packs, trays, bottles and cans.  Product changeovers happen with push-button ease, using programmed parameters.  Either high or low level variants can be specified with capacities of 500 and 300 layers per hour.  
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Photo: An SMI low-level palletiser with transverse rail and rotating layer former.