Over 77,000 Australian Volkswagen cars affected by emissions cheating software

Volkswagen has given a figure on the number of Australian vehicles affected by the two-week-old diesel emissions scandal, stating over 77,000 VWs locally possess the “defeat device” software.

Yesterday the company said in a statement that 54,745 Volkswagen passenger cars, 17,526 Volkswagen commercial vehicles, and 5,148 Skodas were affected. The news also concerns 14,000 Audi models, reports the ABC.

"It is important for customers to note that all affected vehicles remain technically safe and driveable and that we will contact them in time to advise what the next steps are," said Volkswagen Group Australia's managing director, John White, in a statement.

"We are doing everything possible to fix the problem and will be making further announcements in the near future.”

VW also announced an online tool for concerned owners to use to check if their vehicles possess Type EA 189 diesel engines. Petrol cars are not affected.

Meanwhile, the company’s global CEO, Matthias Mueller, announced that a global recall would occur in January next year.

The news that Volkswagen had used software to cheat lab tests of vehicle emission levels came out two weeks ago, with the company admitting 11 million vehicles contain this mechanism.

Since then, their CEO has been replaced, ten senior managers have been suspended, and their new CEO has announced 6.5 billion euro in the third quarter accounts to deal with the scandal.

The announcement by Volkswagen Group Australia finally ends two weeks of speculation about the number of Australian owners impacted.

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