Organisation key component to workplace success

A manufacturing plant, just like any other workplace, cannot run efficiently without having a well-organised layout and structure.  In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, plant managers cannot afford to have their team members lose precious time simply to locate their tools and equipment.

BAC Systems, a manufacturer based in Western Sydney, has been making modular workshop and storage equipment for more than 40 years.

Founded in 1977, BAC Systems designs and manufactures a wide range of workshop and storage equipment. This includes modular drawer storage units that can be configured to suit varying requirements for the storage of spare parts and tooling in stores and workshops.

BAC’s drawer storage cabinets are made using precision manufacturing techniques and heavy gauge steels.

“Our operations encompass all of the sheet metal work – from coil to finished product,” Robert Griffin, BAC System’s director told Manufacturers’ Monthly.

“We mass-produce modular storage cabinets and we are recognised as one of the leaders in manufacturing industrial high-density drawer storage systems.”

BAC’s drawer storage cabinets are designed to reduce the storage footprint while maintaining the load-bearing capacity of a shelf through the use of precision bearings and high-yield strength steel.

The drawers can be configured in three dimensions in order to minimise space wastage. The customers, depending on the size of their equipment, can choose the drawer heights or the configuration of internal drawer partitions.

“All of our drawer cabinets use high tensile steels and large diameter bearings, ensuring great weight holding ability and a very long life,” Griffin said.

“A properly installed BAC drawer cabinet will never tip, and it offers a continually smooth drawer operation.”

The drawers for BAC’s storage cabinets can be configured to store hand tools, CNC taper tools (with the aid of specially designed CNC tool containers), change parts tools, spare parts and consumables.

For larger tooling, BAC Systems offers a modular shelving system that comes complete with heavy-duty drawers – The BAC 77 Series.

The heavy-duty drawers can hold up to 500 kilograms, and come in two different depths. The shallower depth is useful in holding rollers, injection mould tooling, and other bulk or heavy tooling. The deeper drawer can hold similar items, and is deep enough to hold a full size pallet of these. “The heavy-duty drawers can be accessed with either a forklift or by an overhead crane. It is flexible in this regard, as you might have to use both the forklift and the crane, depending on where the tool is going and the workshop’s access,” said Griffin.

The heavy-duty drawers are complemented by a long-span shelving system, with six different shelving lengths available.

The BAC 77 modular shelving system can combine the shelves, heavy-duty drawers and BAC’s high-density drawers into the same structure, making it a suitable system to store tools of different sizes into a small area of the workshop.

Griffin said the BAC technical sale team often visit the clients’ warehouse to survey their needs.

“In this way, we can determine whether, for example, a BAC high-density drawer storage cabinet is needed or if a solution from the BAC 77 series will better suit the client’s requirements,” he concluded.

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