Optus, Simble partnership to help companies reduce energy costs

Simble, an Australian software company focused on energy management and mobility solutions, announced on Tuesday new developments in partnership with Optus.

The company has received its first commercial order for Simble Energy Platform— an enabling tool for businesses to reduce their energy consumption, which had successfully completed a trial with Optus.

Optus and Simble are partnering to market and promote the Simble Energy Platform, extending the marketing activities to all of Optus’s government, commercial and small and medium enterprise customers.

“Optus is driving innovation for tis customers by acting as a trusted technology advisor,” Optus manager of application services, Trevor Manokore said. “Energy management is a major pain point across our customer base and we are excited by the energy savings and efficiency gains we can offer to customers via the Simble Energy Platform.”

Founded by former Accenture consultant and Viewlocity vice president  Fadi Geha in 2009, Simble provides enterprises and small businesses with software to track and analyse their energy usage in real-time, as well as internet of things devices such as smart metres, switches and beacons and software for mobile workforces.

“Having built this partnership over the past five years, the Simble Energy Platform represents the first truly scalable solution we have delivered to Optus, hence we are excited by the growth opportunity is presents,” Geha said.

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