Opposition blames government for manufacturing job losses

Opposition industry spokeswoman Sophie Mirabella has claimed that the collapse of Gourmet Food Holdings is further proof that the federal government has failed manufacturers.

“Manufacturing in Australia is in crisis and this economically negligent Labor Government continues to stand by as our manufacturing sector collapses,” said Mirabella in a statement.

The government should “take responsibility” for the costs the industry was suffering under a carbon tax, which had seen a manufacturing job lost every 20 minutes since its introduction, said Mirabella.

Both side of politics has recently claimed the other is a danger to manufacturing jobs, with industry minister Greg Combet seizing claims made by Holden’s Mike Devereux that the 2013 election would decide whether or not Australia continued to make cars.

"All of their claims are completely unbelievable and are going to cost people their jobs," Combet told parliament last week regarding the opposition’s comments on automotive industry support.


Image: Science Daily

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