Texas Instruments’ 8-GHz Operational Amplifier now available from Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics now stocks Texas Instruments’ (TI) OPA855 8-GHz Operational Amplifier.

The decompensated amplifier is designed as a wideband, low-noise, bipolar-input operational amplifier.

The amplifier is appropriate for use in high bandwidth transimpedance and voltage amplifier applications.

With eight GHz of gain-bandwidth product, the OPA855 allows for high-gain configurations while ensuring wide closed-loop bandwidth.

Minimising the total circuit input capacitance and enabling higher-speed designs is the low input capacitance of the OPA855, at 0.8pF for transimpedance amplifier (TIA) applications.

Minimising noise contribution is the low input-voltage noise of 0.98 nV/√Hz of the amplifier. Additionally, the high slew rate of 2750 V/µs permits wide output voltage swings.

The OPA855 utilises a package pinout which simplifies the layout of the feedback network while at the same time isolating pin-to-pin capacitance between the input and feedback connections. The unique design reduces the parasitic capacitance surrounding the amplifier’s feedback network, which enables high-gain TIA designs for achieving wide bandwidth.

Applications of the OPA855 could include optical time-of-flight systems, involving a time-to-digital converter, or the OPA855 can be utilised to drive a high-speed analogue-to-digital converted in high-resolution LIDAR systems, when augmented with a differential output amplifier.

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