Opening night at SolidWorks World 2013

Now in its 15th year, SolidWorks welcomed its 4500-ish visitors last night, Orlando time.

Taking place from January 20 – 23rd, SWW showcases the work of 100-plus solution partners, who have used and built on the 3D CAD company’s technology within a range of industries. Robotics, metalwork, packaging, a device for prizing road accident victims out of cars and even a twist on the old skateboard are on display at the Partner Pavillion.

CEO Bertrand Sicot delighted in reminding users they were “designers without limits”, and mentioned some of the recent accomplishments assisted by his company’s technology.

A Danish windmill company, Vesta, managed to design a world record-breaking yacht, the Cell Rocket, which was clocked at 65 knots.

Rethink Robotics gave the world Baxter The Robot.

And team of aerospace engineers made a free-fall from the edge of space something that could be done safely.

All these projects used SolidWorks.  

Tomorrow’s speakers will focus on robotics, with “new approaches to human/robot interaction and behavior” to feature, including a speech by Festo’s head of corporate bionics products.

We’re excited just thinking about it…

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Disclosure: Manufacturers’ Monthly is attending SolidWorks World 2013 as a guest of Dassault Systemes.

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