Onshore manufacturing solutions often best for offshore supply

Australian reel specialist ReCoila Reels has found a new market for
their hose reels with increasing interest from offshore platforms for
domestic-based solutions.

Offshore oil and gas platforms who are constantly dealing with the challenges
of isolation and extreme conditions are now seeing more value in selecting hose
reels from domestic manufacturers.

According to ReCoila Managing Director Mr Michael Pawson, they found the
offshore sector a tough market to enter for several years, even though their location,
and engineering and design expertise offered clear advantages to all types of
offshore energy operators along the Australian coastline.

However, operators on offshore platform involved in hose handling duties
now understand the advantages of having their reel requirements serviced from
the closest domestic point, especially since they work round-the-clock, and having
access to new and replacement technologies at the doorstep makes a critical
difference to potential downtime and lost productivity.

ReCoila Reels is also increasingly being invited to tender for solutions
at the design stage, allowing a much better solution-driven process to be
created resulting in highly suitable, customised and productive outcomes for
the client.

A number of ReCoila hose reels are being installed on new platforms,
with most of the business won through tenders.

Offshore platforms use reels for fuelling, lubricating, product
transfer, safety equipment and fire-fighting systems, pumping and bilge control
among many other applications. The marine environment exposes reels to a
potentially corrosive environment requiring all reels to be designed, built and
supplied to AS1940 Standard (often in marine grade 316 stainless steel).

Mr Pawson adds that sourcing hose reels from an Australia-based supply
chain offers advantages such as proximity, speed and access to service personnel.

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