Onshape Introduces full-cloud CAD to Australia at NMW

Onshape, the only company in the world 100% focused on cloud and mobile CAD, is formally expanding into the Australian market this month following the recent openings of Asia-Pacific regional offices in Pune, India and Singapore.

Onshape CEO John McEleney is scheduled to address National Manufacturing Week(NMW) in Sydney at 1:10 p.m., Friday, May 13, speaking on “The Future of CAD,” followed by a meeting with the Sydney Onshape User Group. The NMW conference is at the Sydney Showground in Sydney Olympic Park. McEleney’s visit is part of a six-country Onshape product tour of the APAC region.

“Even though Onshape is only a few months out of beta, engineers and designers in more than 150 countries are already experiencing the benefits of full-cloud CAD,” says McEleney. “The design and manufacturing world has dramatically changed. More often than not, design teams are spread across multiple countries and time zones – and Onshape is the first and only CAD system specifically built for distributed teams.”

Onshape’s Historic Firsts for CAD

Built from scratch using a cloud-based technical architecture, Onshape has already achieved historic firsts for professional 3D CAD:

  • Runs on any computer completely within a web browser (on PC, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook).
  • Delivers full CAD functionality on phones and tablets (Apple iOS and Android); Not just a mobile viewer!
  • Provides instant and controlled collaboration and sharing; The first CAD system enabling multiple people to simultaneously work on the same model.
  • Includes built-­in version control, eliminating the need for a PDM system.
  • Requires absolutely zero IT support (no installation, no licenses, no updates to manage).
  • Will soon allow users to customize their CAD system with FeatureScript, a new programming language that allows you to create your own built-in features for Onshape and modify existing ones.
  • Offers multiple choices of fully-integrated, cloud-based CAM, Rendering and Simulation tools.

Competitive Advantages of Full-Cloud CAD

Onshape customers report that the benefits of full-cloud CAD include:

  • Speeding up production
  • Improving collaboration
  • Increasing innovation
  • Saving time
  • Boosting security of your IP
  • Saving money on software and hardware

Engineers and designers who use Onshape also say they’re now enjoying their jobs more. With no installs, downloads or data management to worry about, CAD users can now primarily focus on the creative process instead of administrative tasks.

“Because there are no files to copy – your CAD data and CAD system lives in one central place in the cloud – your intellectual property is now far more secure,” says McEleney. “You can easily grant and withdraw permission to access your models in Onshape, in contrast to files shared by email or Dropbox which can never be retrieved after you click ‘send.’”

With automatic upgrades in the cloud every few weeks, Onshape has also eliminated the software incompatibility problem slowing down many design and manufacturing partners who share files. Every Onshape user in the world is always on the same version of Onshape – the latest one.

Over the last year, Onshape has released 20 major product updates with more than 175 new features and enhancements. Users don’t need to download anything; they just refresh their browsers. The world’s first full-cloud CAD system is now approaching 1,000,000 user hours.

As a complete engineering solution, Onshape now offers integrated cloud-based CAM, Rendering and Simulation tools through the Onshape App Store. With the convenience of using the Apple App Store or Google Play, Onshape users can try and compare solutions for free and only buy what they need. Additional technology partners will be introducing new products in the App Store soon.

Onshape’s pricing, which includes a Free Plan and a $100 monthly Professional Plan, lowers the economic barriers for entrepreneurs and startups to succeed. But established companies of all sizes are also discovering Onshape’s benefits alongside their existing CAD systems. They find tremendous value in true simultaneous editing, branching with intelligent merging, version control, and having a complete edit history of all activity.

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