On-site tyre maintenance to revolutionise fleet service

Truck tyre maintenance providers Bear’s Tyres has launched what its claims is Australia’s first independent ‘specialised tyre maintenance consultancy’ for truck fleet operators.

Heading the new service, Bear’s Tyres managing director Brad Bearman will travel to medium and large fleet premises to assess existing tyre maintenance setup.

The creation of an on-site service to view, analyse and instruct solution will help provide a way forward for fleet operators concerned about growing business expenditure spent on tyres, according to Bearman.

It is a natural expansion considering cost pressures hitting the road transport sector, he said.

“This new consulting service is very much a diagnostic service set up to help operators identify at an early stage any potentially costly operating errors to avoid costly blowouts further down the track,” Bearman said.

“It is a go-to-wo approach where we visit the site, analyse the current setup, make an informed assessment and suggest a ‘whole of maintenance plan’ and ongoing training to bring down the operating costs and then keep them there.”

Bear’s Tyres is a leader in optimised selection, use and maintenance of tyres.

In 2010, the company launched of Bear’s Tyre Tracker, a software-based product that captures tyre operating data for lifecycle maintenance management.

The software was designed to draw operator attention to all functional matters that help increase longevity of each tyre over an extended time, and deliver management gains, including new operating diligence, a better working relationship with its own staff and better knowledge on its suppliers and their products.