Oil-free compressed air with high-speed turbo technology

With the development of its new high-speed turbo (HST) technology, Boge is ushering in a new era in compressed air.

The company is achieving decisive improvements compared to the current state of the art by radically reducing the number of components and introducing an intelligent design principle.

With innovative turbo drive, the compressors produce 100 percent Class 0 oil-free compressed air – at the highest degree of efficiency and with minimal maintenance effort. Cost savings of up to 30 percent compared to conventional oil-free screw compressors are realistic.

The compressors are driven by a permanent magnet motor, which is characterised by a very high energy density.

In addition, the company has succeeded for the first time in using air-lubricated bearings in the drive shaft – which is a prerequisite for extremely high speeds of up to 120,000 rotations.

Whether as a base-load or peak-load machine, the compressors are recommended for users who need a continuous supply of oil-free, high-quality compressed air.

The advantages of HST compressors can particularly be utilised in sensitive production areas such as the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and semiconductor industries, as well as in refineries, breweries or paint shops.

There is also the option of attaching a heat recovery system, which uses the heat expended by the compressor for service water heating or space heating.

The compressors are available in three power levels with a standard pressure of 7.5 bar: The HST 55 produces 7.97 m3 of compressed air per minute and is the smallest size on the market to date. The HST 110 with a performance of 17.97 m3/min is available for users in the medium-sized segment. Producing 36.57 m3/min, the HST 220 is the model with the lagest delivery quantity.

The company intends gradually expanding the series.

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