OHS a priority for staff but telling managers isn’t so easy: survey

Safety may still be a dominant OHS priority for Australian organisations in 2011, but OHS managers are saying companies view it as just one of a growing list of issues that need to be juggled.  

According to a survey done by business software provider ComOps at the recent Safety in Action in Melbourne this month, almost 90% of OHS managers cited safety as being of critical or high importance to their organisation.  

However, 86% of respondents are concerned with finding ways of highlighting to senior management the value of safety as a key business driver, the survey results indicated.  

Still, one in four firms still use manual and paper-based processes to manage their OHS strategy, ComOps said.

Moshe Woods, Sales Director – Salvus, ComOps, said: “In the three years that ComOps has been running this survey, we’ve found that the number of areas requiring OHS input just keeps growing. Every year, OHS managers are being asked to do more in line with organisational aims to improve productivity and enhance competitiveness and sustainability.  

“It’s clear that organisations which have integrated safety and risk management systems on board will have the capacity to handle ongoing legislative challenges and the management of an increasingly mobile and flexible workplace environment.”  

Contractor management and environment compliance ranked equal second in OHS priorities for 2011, nominated as being of high or critical importance by 80% of OHS managers, according to ComOps.

Other leading priorities for OHS managers were reportedly the new AS/NZS ISO31000 standard, OHS training, understanding and planning for the new OHS harmonisation laws, and reducing the cost of injury management.

Image courtesy of Focusedsolutions.com.au

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