Offshore trading requires skills development to succeed

Australian businesses are set to benefit as the Export Council of Australia (ECA) launches an unprecedented international trade skills development program and the latest Australian Export Handbook (21st Edition), Australia’s only authoritative reference on international trade.

Backing the country’s aggressive trade agenda, the case for trade development in Australia has never been stronger. The ECA has identified that developing trade through capacity and capability building is vital for Australian business to capitalise on the many international opportunities now available to them.

Lisa McAuley, Chief Executive Officer of the ECA, says we have developed a five-step international business journey designed to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to function in international business administration and management.”

“The ECA is also extremely pleased to be partnering with the Centre for Customs and Excise Studies (CCES), Charles Sturt University to deliver international trade education. This partnership means participation in the ECA’s International Business Program can be the first step towards completing the Advanced Diploma of International Business Management which then leads to a series of degree programs.”

CCES is the world’s leading provider of training and education in the highly specialised areas of customs and cross-border regulation. Recognised by the World Customs Organization (WCO) and their peers as international leaders in this field of education, they play a key role in establishing and maintaining the World Customs Organisation (WCO) Professional Standards. CCES is also an Australian Registered Training Organisation delivering vocational programs around the world including the Advanced Diploma of International Business Management which it delivers on behalf of ECA.

“Trade development is crucial for the success of Australian business trading off shore. Skills development can help reduce the risk of failure or significant setbacks when engaging internationally.”

“Our courses have been developed for businesses and individuals keen to deepen their knowledge and advance their career in international business. The ECA education offerings are now one of Australia’s leading in terms of trade,” Ms McAuley said.

According to independent analysis, trade development programs in the United States and the United Kingdom have revealed that investment in skills development programs can deliver a positive ROI and increase export activity.

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