Officeworks opens 3D printing centre for customers

Office supplies chain Officeworks opened its Russell Street 3D Experience centre this morning, providing a “mini me” service to consumers curious about 3D printing.

The Herald Sun reports that Officeworks acknowledged the general excitement around 3D printing, and hoped to educate consumers about when it might be relevant.

“Going beyond the novelty factor, 3D printing opens up a world of creativity and stretches the limits of design. In terms of what next from here, we’ll be led by our customers and expand and evolve the offer based on their needs,” Officeworks’ Head of Technology, Merchandise, Toby Watson, told The Herald Sun.

Starting at the Melbourne store, the 3D Experience centre offering allows customers to have themselves scanned and recreated in an additively manufactured, plastic form (costing between $39 and $579, based on size). If it is popular enough, Officeworks has said it will consider providing this (and providing a bureau service) at other locations.

As reported earlier, backend support for the company’s foray into 3D printing will be provided by Keech Australia’s Keech 3D Advanced Manufacturing subsidiary, which recently won a Technology Application award at this magazine's Endeavour Awards.

Officeworks follows the example of US companies such as Staples and UPS in adding in-store printing to their business.

(Pictured above is TV and radio personality Father Bob Maguire at the launch event.)

Image: Zach Wheeler/Twitter