Objective 3D and RapidPro merge

Objective 3D and RapidPro have announced a merger.

The companies will still operate from their separate sites for the short-term before forming a merged operation by the end of the year.

The new entity will combine Objective 3D’s distribution, installation and service of Stratasys machines as well as RapidPro’s engineering capabilities.

“Whilst the separate companies were very strong in their individual fields, the combination allows for greater service throughout a clients’ 3D printing experience, from testing the waters with a single prototype, to possible machine ownership and after sales service as well as the specialist advice which is only available from professionals in the 3D printing industry,” explained RapidPro’s engineering manager Simon Bartlett.

“We will still offer the full suite of 3D printing services that were offered by RapidPro, as well as additional services and larger build platforms.

“With the additional Stratasys machines, we will be able to offer even faster turnarounds as well as the option of even larger production quantities.”

The general manager of RedEye Australasia, Matt Minio, said, “Our customers will now be able to not only make prototypes and 3D printed parts in-house, but they’ll also have the option to use our additive manufacturing build centre at a discounted rate through our RedEye Corporate Advantage network.

“What they cannot build from their machines due to high volume requirements or the need for materials not available on their own system, we can now provide as a full 3D printing solutions provider.”