NZ’s Pacific Doors earns contract for RAH

Wellington, New Zealand-based company will provide 4,700 doors for the new $1.8
billion Royal Adelaide Hospital, which is scheduled to open in 2016.

Fairfax reports that Pacific Doors signed a contract approximately a fortnight ago to
build the doors, and 12 additional workers would be hired at Pacific to help do

was reportedly recommended for the hospital work by industry insiders. The
company specialises in bespoke door manufacturing, and building an entire door
unit – with door panel and frame – which can be installed when construction at
a site is nearly finished.

“It halved the
time it took to install and just about totally got rid of the cost involved in
fixing site damage,” managing director Derek Pearson told Fairfax.

Pacific Doors was established in 1992. It has made doors used in a long list of
buildings in New Zealand, though its products have not been used in Australia,
according to the company.

suppose we could say that half the doors in commercial buildings in [New Zealand]
we have made,” said Pearson.

“Out of that came our hospital door system . . .
we’ve made over 25,000 units in the last 20-odd years.”

will grow its workforce from 60 to 72 in April as work begins.


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