NZ teenager wins award for kindling chopping invention

A New Zealand teenager has not only won several awards for
her kindling chopping invention but also sold out all stock of the product. reports that 15 year-old Tariki resident, Ayla
Hutchinson won the People’s Choice Award at last week’s New Zealand Field Days for her product,
the Kindling Cracker.

The Kindling Cracker allows people to cut wood into kindling without an axe. The deceptively simple invention features a safety ring and
works by tapping wood onto a stationary blade with a mallet.

It requires less force to split wood than using an axe and
is suitable for people with disabilities.

Ayla has resisted offers to invest in her product and is
selling the Kindling Cracker on her own. She sold out of the product at Field

Apart from the People’s Choice Award, the product has won
several other awards, including the 2013 Young inventor of the year and the
James and Wells intellectual property award at last year’s New Zealand Field Days; and the
New Zealand Innovation ’Most Inspiring Individual Award’.


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