NZ pair invent, launch ‘sexy’ incontinence underwear

New Zealand company has launched a range of textile-based “’sexy’ incontinence

ConfiTEX says in a statement that their range of underwear possesses the same look and
feel of regular products, but is able to absorb a cup-full of fluid a day.

“We first
started with specialist sports underwear for elite athletes to keep them dry
and clean when they were doing long distance events and didn’t have time to
have a toilet break,” The Herald Sun reports Srantisek Riha-Scot,
director and fashion designer, as saying.

incontinence undies have such horrendous designs; I thought I could help… Even
women with bladder problems deserve to look sexy and fashionable and being able
to look great can really restore people’s confidence,”

ConfiTEX was founded by Mark Davey and Riha-Scott, alpine ski racers.

company’s products are pitched at those such as the 4.8 million Australians
(according to the Continence Foundation) who suffer bladder or bowel weakness.

underwear is made from a bamboo-based textile. The machine-washable underwear is also claimed to offer sustainability benefits over incontinence pads, of which four/six a day might be used by a person and which end up as landfill.

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