NZ inventor turns to crowdfunding to manufacture coffee invention

A Wellington, New Zealand man is currently raising money for
what he says is an innovation in coffee-making.

Fairfax reports that inventor and founder of the Evolve 3.0,
Ramsey Gyde, came up with his idea four years ago while working at a cafe, and has developed it (making
14 prototypes) over the last three.

The Evolve is a three-in-one device offering stovetop,
plunger and pour over ways of making coffee. At the time of writing, it has
raised over $10,000 NZD on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, with a goal of $160,000 NZD.

Gyde told Fairfax that tooling to begin production would
cost as much as $150,000 NZD. His company has enlisted the help of product
development company Idea Developments to get the idea “factory ready”.

He had found an unwillingness from local manufacturers to
partner with him and his team, which also includes Jason Stephens and Jeremy
Brooker, and turned to crowdsourcing to gauge support for his idea.