NZ delivers criticism over Australian-made Kookaburra cricket balls

The quality of Australian-made Kookaburra cricket balls has
been questioned this week, with regular complaints about their durability made
during the New Zealand and Sri Lanka Test match.

Fairfax reports that New Zealand Cricket made a formal
complaint following seven misshapen balls over three days of play in the test, including
one ball that had to be replaced after seven deliveries.

“I’ve never seen one go as early as that one, so we’re
pretty disappointed with what’s happening,” Fairfax quotes NZC boss Lindsay Crocker as saying.

also said that he had had discussions with Cricket Australia and they had said
they had also suffered “similar problems” with the balls, which are
machine-stitched and retail for about $100 each.

Yesterday Cricket Australia confirmed it had also had issues with Kookaburra’s balls.

“We are working together with
Kookaburra to identify those problems and overcome them for the future,” a
spokesman said.

has said the country’s cricket body would consider other suppliers, such as
Dukes of England, if things did not improve.

Kookaburra is the ball of choice for in most Test match-playing countries, though
exceptions include England (Dukes) and India (SG).

Australian company employs about 150 and makes it products at Moorabbin.

Dukes has been making their product for about 250 years, and hand-stiches 95
per cent of the balls it manufactures.

Dukes’ owner Dilip Jajodia claimed in January last year that Australian umpires had
started to raise concerns about Kookaburra balls in recent years.

Image: Fairfax

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