NZ confectionery company to re-open former Prydes factory at Metford


New Zealand’s Rainbow Confectionery has announced plans to re-open what was once a Prydes lolly factory at Metford.

The Maitland Mercury reports that Rainbow hopes to re-employ former Prydes workers made redundant when the factory shut its doors last August.

“It is quite a significant investment from the company and will in effect double our ­production capacity,” Rainbow’s sales and marketing manager Simon Williams told the Mercury.

“Our real priority is getting everything up and running again as the machines have not been used for a few months and we are working on a timeframe to reopen the factory.”

Prydes had operated in Maitland since the 1930s, with high energy, material and labour costs blamed for the decision to close last year by its then-owner, Sanchez Group.

Rainbow Confectionery was established in 2001.



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