NSW’s $500,000 fund seeks next generation water management system

The NSW Government is inviting industry, researchers and academics to apply for a share of $500,000 in funding for new technology solutions to support best practice management and monitoring of water in NSW.

State minister for regional water, Niall Blair said the new water pilot technology program was a key part of the NSW Government’s Water Reform Action Plan.

“Improving the transparency of how we share, allocate, account for and manage water in NSW is at the heart of our reform and we want to be using the best technology Australia and the world can offer,”  he said.

“We want NSW to be leading the nation with the ‘next generation’ of water management systems, whether that is using remote sensing technology or real-time flow monitoring data that is accurate.”

According to the minister’s Friday media release, the funding will encourage new solutions to help improve the accuracy of how water movement is monitored, measured and reported whether by extraction, by water licence holders or as part of natural river flows.

“This is an exciting program that is key part of our reform – we’re committed to making sure every water user in NSW gets their fair share while improving our rivers and the environment,” Blair said.

The funding will pilot technologies that address and enhance NSW’s capacity to carry out compliance activities that align with legislation, as well as improving the protection of environmental water through our river systems.

The NSW Government will also be looking for technology that can improve the accuracy of water models used to assess compliance with diversion limits as well as improving compliance capability.

The Water Pilot Technology Program is now open for grant applications and applications close on Monday 23 April 2018 at 9am AEST.

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