NSW takes top spot for Coopers beer sales

New South Wales beer drinkers now drink more Coopers than their counterparts in South Australia, the home of the family-owned brewer.

The SMH reports that, for the first time ever, NSW recorded the top position for sales of Coopers across Australia.

For the financial year to date, NSW accounted for 26.3 per cent of total Coopers beer sales, while South Australia accounted for 24.8 per cent, and Victoria accounted for 18 per cent.

According to Coopers managing director Tim Cooper, the change can be attributed to the sheer size of NSW compared to South Australia, as well as growth in sales of keg beer in inner Sydney pubs.

"It's likely to stay that way forever now," he said.

The company brews all its beer on-site at its brewery in the Adelaide industrial suburb of Regency Park. It is contemplating whether to set up a distribution site on the east coast to serve that large market.

According to the Australian, Coopers posted a 9.1 per cent decrease in full-year profit to $28m for 2013-14. However, total beer sales in 2013-14 grew 8.1 per cent to 75.3 million litres, and turnover for 203-14 was a record $231m.

The brewer has about 150 shareholders who received a total of $13.75 million in dividends last year. This equates to about $92,000 each.

Image: The Adelaide Advertiser

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