NSW space start-ups attend Austrade Landing Pad bootcamp

Seven NSW space start-up companies are attending the Austrade Landing Pad in San Francisco from 27-31 August for an intense “bootcamp” learning experience.

Start-ups heading to the US include Arlula, Azimuth Advisory, The Blueprint Lab, High Earth Orbit Robotics, Saber Astronautics, Seaskip and Space Ops Australia.

NSW Minister for Trade and Industry Niall Blair said the boot camp would provide NSW companies with expert mentoring from established US space businesses.

“NSW start-ups will be learning how to secure business opportunities with US companies. These opportunities could take our early stage businesses to the next level.

Blair said exposing the start-ups to the world-leading US industry will further accelerate growth for the local space industry.

“NSW is already the leading state in Australia for space capabilities with about 41 per cent of all Australian space businesses based here generating around two thirds of space industry-related revenue,” Blair said.

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Australia’s first astronaut, Dr Paul Scully-Power, appointed in May as the NSW Space Industry Ambassador, is leading the bid to host the new Australian Space Agency in NSW.

Dr Scully-Power said the start-ups were selected for their innovative technology development, including next generation mission control software, reusable launch vehicles, and on-demand satellite inspection.

“NSW is in a strong position to build its space industry. We are home to Australia’s first space incubator and are working with 26 space education and research departments across eight universities,” Blair said.

The participating start-ups in the program include:

Arlula – The Arlula platform allows organisations to purchase access to earth observation satellites in orbit to conduct commercial and research experiments in space.

Azimuth Advisory – Australia’s only law firm with significant experience in legal and regulatory issues associated with space programs. Its clients include government and the space industry as well as local and international investors in space.

The Blueprint Lab – The Blueprint Laboratory aims to develop cutting edge robotics to push the boundaries of research and industry in remote and hostile environments including space.

High Earth Orbit Robotics – HEO Robotics offers on demand satellite inspection and is exploring the future potential to prospect asteroids for water and other valuable minerals.

Saber Astronautics – Developers of mission control software for satellites that combines high end artificial intelligence with 3D graphics to produce next generation spacecraft diagnostic tools.

Seaskip – Develops miniaturised, high frequency sensor systems for use on cubesats and other unmanned aerial platforms.

Space Ops Australia – Space Ops is aiming to create a fully reusable space launch vehicle of the future through its ‘Return to Sender’ stepped development program.

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