NSW launches policy to drive procurement of IoT tech

Launching the NSW government’s Internet of Things (IoT) strategy, Dawn Routledge, executive director, Office of the Secretary, NSW Department of Customer Service, declared the state has embraced IoT.

“The NSW government is absolutely IoT ready,” said Routledge.

Described as a handbook for the NSW government to use IoT to drive better services, Routledge warned that while transformative, the policy is by no means a silver bullet.

Indeed, as the policy overview states, the value of IoT is not in the gathering of data, but in its application.

To this end, the policy outlines how the NSW government will use IoT in its operations. Part of this will be to encourage innovations with IoT solutions, driving procurement of IoT-enabled devices by the NSW government.

For those manufacturers developing IoT-enabled solutions for the public market, the policy sets out how the NSW government will purchase IoT technology, with a focus on the outcomes that technology aims to solve, rather than just its operating ability.

To this end, Routledge outlined that the policy will be structured around four areas, privacy, security, transparency, and ethics. These principles will guide the government as it incorporates IoT into its daily operations.

Already, IoT is used in government services from trains and hospitals, to hydrological measurements. At the local government level, the adoption of “smart” infrastructure, such as “smart” bins and street lighting represents one area where local manufacturers can be part of the state’s IoT strategy.

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