Now is not the time for carbon tax

Shadow Industry Minister Sophie Mirabella has called on Prime Minister Julia Gillard to rethink the introduction of a carbon tax followinng statements by BlueScope Steels last Thursday that such a tax would stump competition for local businesses.

In a statement released media the shadow minister said that the prime minister “must stop pandering to Bob Brown, and start listening to mainstream Australians in the community and in industry – who are telling her to axe her toxic carbon tax.”

The Shadow Industry Minister referred to plummeting consumer confidence, the fluctuating Australian and overseas stockmarkets and general global economic pessimism as reasons to hold off on introducing the carbon tax.

“BlueScope’s statements [last Thursday] about the serial pressures facing Australian industry are the latest in an extraordinarily long line of warnings about the insanity of forcing yet another anti-competitive cost on business,” Shadow Industry Minister Sophie Mirabella said in a statement..

Last week, senior business leaders like BHP Billiton Chairman Jac Nasser and Commonwealth Bank CEO Ralph Norris confirmed the threat of a carbon tax is unnerving business confidence in Australian industry sector.

Mirabella responded to these comments by stating: “The Prime Minister continues to keep her head in the sand: she hasn’t listened to Australia’s manufacturers, and she hasn’t paid any regard to their unified message that her carbon tax will decimate Australian industries and jobs.”

The Shadow Industry Minister closed her statement to media by asking “How many more businesses and jobs of all shapes and sizes will be sacrificed to the Bob Brown altar before Ms Gillard and a limp trade union movement wake up?”