Nominations open for Avalon 2019 Innovation Awards

The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science is inviting innovators in the aviation, space and aerospace domains to nominate for the Avalon 2019 Innovation Awards.

The awards recognise innovation by Australian individuals and organisations at the forefront of innovation in these domains.

There are six awards for aerospace and aviation innovators, including SME innovation grants and young innovator scholarships worth $15,000 each.

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Young innovators may be engineers, managers or early-career researchers working in industry, academia or a specialist research centre. In addition, discretionary awards may be presented in the areas of space operations and technology, autonomous and unmanned systems, training and aeronautics.

The awards are open to Australian companies or the Australian subsidiaries of overseas parent companies, and the innovation could be anything from a new product or service to a new approach to business. Entries will be judged on their understanding of the user needs and the originality of the innovation.

There are six awards in all, for aerospace and aviation innovators. Defence innovators will be eligible for the:

  • AVALON 2019 National Defence Innovation Award
  • AVALON 2019 Defence SME Innovation Grant
  • AVALON 2019 Young Innovator Scholarship for Defence Industry

Non-defence companies and individuals will be eligible for the:

  • AVALON 2019 National Civil Innovation Award
  • AVALON 2019 Civil SME Innovation Grant
  • AVALON 2019 Young Innovator Scholarship for Civil Industry

In addition, entries are also particularly welcome from both defence and non-defence organisations in the following categories, in which the judges, at their discretion, may present additional prizes:

  • Space Operations and Technology – anything relating to space technology and operations, from launchers and payloads to ground stations and control systems
  • Autonomous and Unmanned Systems and ISR – anything from hand-held to HALE UAVs, Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance equipment and payloads, advanced ground stations, autonomous systems and robotic ground vehicles
  • Training – anything from elementary flight training through vocational training of LAMEs and air traffic controllers, to professional engineering training and education
  • Aeronautics – anything relating to aircraft, helicopter and missile Structures, Propulsion, Role Equipment and Flight Control, including Counter-Drone Technologies

AVALON 2019 will be held at Avalon Airport, Melbourne, from 26 February to 3 March 2019. Innovators have until 30 November to nominate for the awards.

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