No lubricant bearings developed for heavy industry

Image credit: Treotham Automation

Recent testing has confirmed that igus’s iglidur Q2E can withstand up to 130 MPa.

The bearings, designed to be used in construction machines, agricultural machines, utility vehicles and offshore installations, are made from high-performance plastics.

Distributed by Treotham in Australia, these bearings are lubrication and corrosion free.

Due to not needing lubrication, maintenance requirements are lowered and the frequency of machine failures based on a lack of lubrication are reduced.

Furthermore, these bearings remove the need for central lubrication systems.

The outcome of the iglidur Q2E being applied to machinery is the lack of grease and oil seeping into the surrounding environment, due to dirt and impurities not adhering to the bearing points.

The iglidur Q2E is made constructed from a hard polymer shell and a tribologically optimised core. Produced through injection-moulding, these bearings are cost efficient when compared to their traditional counterparts.

The polymer shell ensures that the bearings will have a long service life as it is designed to be particularly sturdy. In a swivel test, the polymer material withstood a radial load of 130 MPa.

Treotham Automation offers iglidur Q2E in a variety of shaft diameters, include 20, 25, 30 and 40mm.

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